Meow Wolf event manages to turn a bad attitude inside out!

SANTA FE, N.M. — Maybe this is old news for you. Maybe you are hip and up-to-date. Like me! I went a long time ago! But my husband decided off the top of his head that he was not going to experience the multiverse known as Meow Wolf … . It was going to be too young for him, too wild, too “far out” (not on his radar screen, psychologically.)

He would not go with me, even when I showed him my photos of the neon forest and the tree house room I sat in for a cozy little chat, up in the sparkling tree. He simply decided. Not going! Nyah nyah.

He didn’t want to go even when we got the invitation to the Benefit Event for about 100 members of the hospitality industry. I had heard that private functions there are just fabulous! So I very gently encouraged him to let’s go. “You have to take me to that or I’ll never speak to you again!”

Tempting hors d’ oeuvres stations around every corner, a bar under a bridge or in a bedroom. And while eating and drinking in there is hedonistic and fun, the best thing about the benefit event is NO CROWD! You can see everything!

We skipped through empty rooms and up the plank ramp in the old tree to the second story, played the dinosaur bones with no pressure or guilt about people behind us wanting their turn, and got to sit as long as we wanted in various lounging venues. Pick up a shish kebab and inspect the fluorescent clams; grab a margarita and head to the art studio to make something! Along the way, you might encounter a “creature.” Or several. They might stir your own imagination toward something you have in your closet that you could put together into a creative being for your own self expression?

So, my husband went, with a bad attitude and a predisposition to dislike Meow Wolf: “I know it’s just not my thing.” And he was determined not to have fun.

Ha ha! The joke was on him! Somebody had a ball, had his eyes opened wide and actually had A Good Time. Oh Lord, he hated to admit that it was C O O L! And different and amusing. Un peu avant garde, at least for Santa Fe.

Really, he just wished that he had found it first and been the one to show it to me.

Ashley Margetson has a BA in English from UCLA, is a senior real estate broker with Sotheby’s International Realty and has a finger on the pulse of philanthropic activities in Santa Fe. To tell us about an upcoming event, email

Martha Alexander and Anna Carlgren at the Meow Wolf party.

Bonnie Sue Schwartz and Tom Sherwood.

Elizabeth Young and John Tiranno.

John Fines, Meow Wolf marketing director.

Monique Carar in the treehouse.

Mason Wagner.

Brandon Gregoire of Dig and Serve.

The creature in the neon forest.

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