Gem of an auction supports Gem of a school

SANTA FE, NM – The Acequia Madre Art Auction is not your average, run-of-the-mill art auction fundraiser; it has become the granddaddy of upscale, non-professional art auctions and there is really good stuff here! No junk.

Some auctions offer the detritus of unsold inventory from local shops; tired, unwanted items palmed off as a tidy tax donation, ugly “art” and passé fashions. Not Acequia Madre’s! This PTA collects things you want.

Someone donated a museum-quality antique ceremonial Chinese cap and Bill Siegal’s gallery gave a little ancient, finely woven basket from Africa. Vintage Bakelite and handmade silver jewelry, ethnic beads and great pots. Many stunning paintings and a few fine sculptures. Come to the party at the Convention Center to decorate your house!

Clusters of jolly dads talked sports and guy stuff while their very cheerful wives shopped this winding bazaar of wonderful merchandise.

This is one of those events where you run into half the town and people you haven’t seen in years. They all come out for Acequia Madre! Four hundred and fifty people whose children went to school there at the Convention Center; neighbors and former neighbors of the school; former teachers, former students; current teachers, current parents.

Everyone wants to support this dear little school, a last remnant of “the olden days” when small neighborhood schools were the custom, nurturing an innocent childhood in the basics. In an age of mega-schools, a jewel like Acequia Madre is rare, and preserving and enhancing it is the priority of the ever-active PTA.

They must raise extra funds because they miss the poverty level criteria by a tiny bit and therefore are not entitled to any Title I funds from the government. The $60,000 they raised will go toward field trips, teacher development and free tutoring for students who need it.


Ashley Margetson has a BA in English from UCLA, is a senior real estate broker with Sotheby’s International Realty and has a finger on the pulse of philanthropic activities in Santa Fe. To tell us about an upcoming event, email


Emma Smith, who graduated from Acequia Madre, is at the auction with mom Laura Finley.


Connor Browne and Christina Price share a hug at the Acequia Madre Art Auction.


Acequia Madre dads Charles Doeswald, Josh Gonze and Trent Sechrest line up for a photo.


Libby Ericksen and Kay Grant enjoy refreshments.


Ellie Gray and Michael Nunnaly support Acequia Madre.


Carlos Kinsey, Cara Scarola and Acequia Madre Principal Ahlum Scariola.


Gracie Olivas is a longtime neighbor of Acequia Madre Elementary School.


Acequia Madre sixth-grader Triana gets a hug from dad Jan Pytelzak.


Haley Ritcher and Anna Heineger turn out for Acequia Madre’s auction.


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