A helping hand for children’s charities

SANTA FE, NM – Big boost for Big Brothers, Big Sisters

When mayors throw parties, amazing things can happen in the community! Saturday night, our mayor’s ball raised an astonishing $316,000 at the sellout “Mayor Javier Gonzalez’s Inaugural Ball” at the Convention Center, with 500 guests attending. Each year, the Santa Fe’s Mayor’s Ball benefits a different worthy cause in the community; this year, it was Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Santa Fe.

The gala evening began with a VIP cocktail reception followed by a gargantuan silent auction; a splendid paella dinner served family style around the table, a live auction, the presentation and a rousing flamenco dance performance. Full evening! Big ball for Big Brother, Big Sisters … .

With New Mexico No. 49 out of 50 in the country for child welfare, every children’s charity is stretched. Today, there are 147 children on the waiting list for a big brother or sister in Santa Fe. We heard the stories of youngsters whose lives have been transformed by generous mentors who spend a couple of hours a week (eight per month) with youth who live in some kind of adversity that places them at risk, such as single mothers raising sons without positive male influence and guidance … a sure route to Trouble.

One speaker was Taylor Gantt, the principal of St. Michaels High School, who grew up in a less than perfect family. He credits his Big Brother’s influence and caring for the leadership role and success he has achieved in business and in life today.

Another, who did not get up and speak, is a lovely lady who described her role as a Big Sister to a young girl from a troubled family: “to be a friend and mentor – not to parent or discipline, but to listen and support. We share mutual interests and I provide her with new experiences that her family cannot. I know I am making a difference in her life.”

A man told the Rev. Cecil Williams of the Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco, which has fed thousands of homeless people every day for many, many years, that he too wanted to go out and save the world. In reply, CW quipped, “Why don’t you just start with your own street?”

That’s what Big Brothers, Big Sisters is doing … saving the world, one child at a time.

Extravagantly cool designs for dollars

Opening night of the Designer Showcase House was sure to be a glam scene! About 450 Beautiful People came and went throughout the glittery evening, from pretty girls in skimmy little dresses and high-heeled Jimmy Choos to thin-tied GQ dandies, and one bronze guy with long black hair wearing only jeans and a bone breastplate over his bare chest … woo hoo! Sequins, feathers, metallics.

A very cool guest list sashayed through the 13,000-square-foot pied-à-terre with special martinis and sumptuous bon bons in hand, oohing and aahing over the extravagant accoutrements the 20 designers lavished on each room of the property.

Called “Ancient Future,” it was about honoring Santa Fe’s fabulous architectural and design history, while at the same time bringing some zippy new materials and concepts into the mix! Fire and water, metallic leathers, exotic colors.

Ticket sales from this gala event will benefit two important local children’s charities.

Dollars4Schools.org allows teachers to post their “wish lists” directly on that website. You can scroll through and choose what program(s) you want to underwrite, like “Michrochemistry Matters!” or the Ropes Course, and send your money in directly. One hundred percent of your donation goes to the teacher for that project – no middleman. Win-win!

The Lensic Theatre’s Youth Education Program offers theatre workshops to children, as well as their admission to fine performances and cultural events at the Lensic, all at no cost. What a worthwhile way for our youth to spend time! Better than hanging out on the Plaza or at the mall or … ? Send the children to the Lensic!

In addition to ticket sales raising funds, these designers aren’t just pretty faces; they’re smart! For partygoers who lusted after the gorgeous loot on display, a mini-souk Boutique was set up where they could purchase superfluous antique rugs, overstocked designer throw pillows, and various very special objets and bibelots!

The entire event was expected to net $60,000 for the two charities to share. For the children …

Ashley Margetson has a BA in English from UCLA, is a senior real estate broker with Sotheby’s International Realty and has a finger on the pulse of philanthropic activities in Santa Fe. To tell us about an upcoming event, email apm@ashleymargetson.com.


Toby Clement, Lenore Mulligan and Annie O’Carroll embrace the vibe at the Designer Showcase House.


Mayor Javier Gonzales corrals the Stepping Out columnist.


Studmuffin Joaquin Gonzales was looking good at the Designer Showcase House.


Linda and Steve Love shop at the Mayor’s Ball.


Interior designer David Naylor gets a hug from Ali MacGraw.


Lino Pertusini and Lisa Barker were stylish at the Designer Showcase House.


Mayor’s Ball co-chairs Les Samuels and Shannon Boniface.


Tracie and Karl Sommer beaming at the Mayor’s Ball.


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