Scramble for balls at Buffalo Thunder

SANTA FE, NM – Golfing for the Children’s Foundation

Some people play golf for fun, and some people play golf for fundraising!

Twenty-five foursomes did both last Saturday at the big scramble tournament at the Towa course at Buffalo Thunder.

You don’t have to be a good golfer to play in a scramble, since each time the four hit their balls, they decide which one has the best lay, and then move the other three over to it and hit all four from that spot.

Then again and again, until a ball goes into the hole… In this version, a terrible driver who was never good at Putt- Putt can be an asset to your team.

It is a blast just being out there, surrounded by the astonishing natural beauty of our state.

I understand some people spent plenty of time actually in nature, poking in the tall native grasses for their balls. Oops!

Prizes were awarded for the lowest-scoring team, from Absolute Floors; Jim Collins won longest drive by a man; and Julia Furry [Buick] for longest drive by a woman.

The booby prize was a close call between the El Rey Inn and Hotel Santa Fe… no prize!

This event raised more than $10,000 for the New Mexico Children’s Foundation, which allocates grant money exclusively raised by the board to small-budget nonprofit organizations in New Mexico.

The grantees include Girard’s House (which supports families who have lost a child), CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates, who advocate for children who have no one else to do so in family court), Many Mothers (who assist and advise new mothers) and “First Tee,” a program that sponsors, trains and encourages youth to pursue the wholesome sport of golf.

NM connections in California

So. Frida Kahlo. 21st century madonna, pop idol, and fashion icon! Today’s rage!

A huge success, much more so posthumously than she ever was during her tortured life.

An opening night gala benefit for the internationally acclaimed show, “Viva Frida / the Photographs of Frida Kahlo,” was held last week at MOLAA – The Museum of Latin American Art – just down the 405 from Los Angeles County Meusum of Art, a couple of blocks from the Queen Mary in Long Beach.

Stuart Ashman, CEO and president of the museum, is now running it with that joie de vivre and jolly confidence he showed as secretary of cultural affairs here in New Mexico.

And as a native-born Cuban, his Latin American connections are legendary.

Getting that show was a coup.

Photos of Frida, and by Frida were included: Photos of Frida hugging Diego Rivera; Frida in traction from one of her many surgeries; Frida with celebrities, in one of her fabulous outfits; Frida with famous Communists, in one of her fabulous outfits; Frida draped across a chair with her hair down, cigarette in hand, in a plain man’s shirt… private photos never before seen.

Celebrated Latin American artists of many eras and more genres were represented in the auction, including a silver gel photo of Friday herself.

A marvelous English auctioneer from Santa Fe cajoled the audience of 300, which included the Mexican ambassador and art collectors from all over the country.

The evening raised over $100,000 for scholarships and educational programs, and featured a spectacular Latin salsa band that all the Frida costumed ladies and Diego darlings danced to.

Ashley Margetson has a BA in English from UCLA, is a senior real estate broker with Sotheby’s International Realty, and has a finger on the pulse of philanthropic activities in Santa Fe. To tell us about an upcoming event, email


Children’s Foundation Executive Carol Robertson Lopez was hostess for the tournament.


Peggy Gaustad, from New Mexico, wears a hand-embroidered Mexican shawl at the Viva Frida event in Long Beach.


Mimi Kingsbury hits the links at the New Mexico Children’s Foundation fundraiser.


Stuart Ashman, former secretary of the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs, welcomes guests to the “Viva Frida” gala in his current job as head of the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, CA.



Children’s Foundation board president David Dodge is a truly great golfer!


Jeweler Kirsten Gusterman has talents for these links, too.


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